About Hemp Fabrics

Get know amazing facts about hemp fabrics

Strong natural fiber

Unlike cotton garments hemp tensile strength is 3 times more, so clothing of hemp holds its shape even in multiple uses and last longer.

Antimicrobial and weather resistant

Hemp fabrics are bacterial and UV resistant. It is hypo allergic in nature so suitable for every skin type.


Hemp can’t just use as fabrics but also be used as concrete, fuel, plastic etc. Moreover it can blend with other fabrics like silk and cotton for different qualities garment according to comfort.


Unlike other fabrics producing plant like tree, cotton; hemp grows quickly with minimal growth requirement, producing 5-10 tons of cellulose fiber per acre. Along with this it can be recycled 2-3 times.

Environment friendly

Hemp farming somehow helps us to cope with global warming problem. As CO2 is the major problem of 21st century, hemp plants absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere faster and hold it for longer duration unlike other trees and plants. Similarly hemp uses water half as much as cotton. Furthermore, it doesn’t require chemical fertilizer and pesticide as other plant for its growth. All products of hemp are usable and bio degradable in nature.

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